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Several websites selling Dr. Hulda Clark Zappers give the impression that she had some ownership or business association with them. This has created confusion for those wanting to buy a quality Zapper produced and used by Dr. Clark. She emphasized this on her website at www.huldaclark.net

Dr. Clark had a working relationship with our manufacturer. They produced the ‘A’ Series Zapper under Dr. Clark’s direction. The current model features her specific requests. Dr. Clark had ensured her confidence in the quality and performance of the A-6 Zapper, also known as the Square Wave Generator. In fact, she personally purchased the Zapper model A-6 from us during the operation of her clinic.

Boosts Immune System
On page 83 of Dr. Clark’s book “The Prevention of All Cancers”, she states that “A Positive electrical force that pulses up and down not only appears to kill tiny invaders, it also seems to energize your white blood cells to go on an all-out attack on your enemies: your parasites, your toxins, your bacteria, everything, in spite of their five immunity blockers.  In spite of benzene, PCB’s, metal, dyes and asbestos! For a time, your WBCs turn into Super-WBCs.  That is why I recommend eight hours of zapping daily until you are well.” She goes on to say that not only does the Zapper destroy parasites, but it also turns on immune power.

In the zapper market there is much confusion on the subject of frequency. For clarification, we suggest you read the Zapper Story in which Dr. Hulda Clark tells about the discovery of the Zapper. At her direction, after much research, the A-6 and B-5 Zappers are both set at 30,000 hertz.